Welcome to Thee Agora, a blog committed to the preservation of  Kenya’s rich history and culture . Started in 2012, the blog aims to create a home for Kenyan memories and everyday  histories which have  largely been unappreciated and undocumented over the years. In this space, feel free to read about the birth of Kenya’s cities and the founding of the country’s most favorite beer. Read about the life of Mr. Wachira a cemetery caretaker for 55 years and delve into the lunatic line’s  history.

But most importantly feel free to share your perspectives and your memories which all ultimately form this complex web of relations we call history.

I hope you enjoy reading and it is an absolute pleasure to share this platform with you.

I officially stopped publishing this website in 2015 but that is not to say that I stopped loving it. For the 3  years that I wrote it, it brought me more joy and satisfaction than I could ever imagine. Because of it I was able to interact with hundreds of people and reach thousands more. From a college dorm room to the world, this website will forever symbolise the manifestation of passions and the realisation of dreams.

Through it, I was able to start the Save The Railway campaign which sought to document and preserve Kenya’s antique railway stations. And today I begin the next journey with African Digital Heritage an organisation which seeks to contribute to the preservation and appreciation of African history through advancements in technology. Because of it, I know that our stories are priceless and our history uncharted.

Agora means meeting place and through this platform I was fortunate enough to meet Mr.Wachira . I dedicate this website to him.


Tayiana Chao

Contact: chao@africandigitalheritage.com